Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Memoir of Hope by Hope Solo

A review of Hope Solo's new memoir has me intrigued!
The gorgeous and outspoken goalie of the Seattle Sounders women team and the US women's soccer team has written a book documenting her troubling childhood and early soccer career, all the way up to more present life events, like the 2007 women's World Cup. I saw a news segment about this book and it discussed how Solo's father was homeless. She recounts how she would go visit him in his tent in the woods.

Very emotional stuff.

What's also interesting is that in the book, Hope recounts an incident when the US women's soccer coach, Greg Ryan, shoved her during a heated meeting. Read more about Hope's side of the story here.

Ryan released a press release saying that the accusation is false.

I will do all I can to promote female athletes, especially female soccer players! So I hope to get my mits on this book soon. Then I'll decide for myself who is telling the truth, all the whilst wearing my judge hat.

Just like this.

Thumbs up!
Just one criticism already... can all books just not do puns anymore? Just. No. More. Puns. Just. They're overdone.

Otherwise... excited.

Here is Hope's book for $11.99 from Amazon.

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