Julie's Chick Lit started in 2007 when I was working for a magazine. Then in 2012, while I was (supposed to be) working on my Masters thesis, I needed a creative outlet. So this blog got a makeover!

This blog is about:
  • Redefining women's literature to be something smarter and funnier. No Twilight. Using vampires for a metaphor for sex is not cool. Not cool.
  • Celebrating books, stories and ideas.
  • Being a work in progress. Things may change on here. But change is necessary. Like my friend Ms. M. Stewart says... "It's a good thing."
  • Remaining some-what anonymous. OK, you got me on Julie. But that's all I'll give you. On here I go by Julie Chicklitasaurus. I'm married to Man-Beast. And since the cat is part of the family too, I won't even reveal her real name! 
"I go by the name Baby Panther. And I make my mommy waste money on informercial products because I don't want to poop in the toilet."

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