Saturday, September 22, 2012

{Review} For Animal Lovers by Kim Cano

One of the most creative books I've read. "For Animal Lovers" consists of three short stories:
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{1} An escape-artist cow who desperately wants to move to India for a better life. Must have watched that Julia Roberts movie.

{2} A once-homeless cat finds out he has a great power hidden up his paw.

{3} A mama swordfish shows that wussy dad from Finding Nemo what parenting in the sea is really like. No, there's not a stoner sea turtle in this story.

The power of paw compels you here
Like author Kim Cano says on her website, these stories can be for adults or kids (recommended 10 or older). All three stories are heart-warming and interesting. They all carry great messages about love and life. From the perspective of a cow. Who knew!?

Kim Cano, you are one creative writer, ma'am. I hope there are more animal tales (and tails) to come.

Get the ebook for 99 cents here and 10% of sales go to ASPCA. Then go volunteer at your local animal shelter. Snuggle a cat in your lap. Play with kittens. Take some dogs for a jog. Go warm your heart and theirs.

Learn more about author Kim Cano here.

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Julie Chicklitasaurus devoured this book.

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