Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Best Purse Idea Ever

My friend has the best idea for purses and I had to steal this idea from her.

She uses a medium-sized clutch to hold all of her necessaries: wallet, cell, keys, checkbook. Then she just plops the clutch into whatever bigger bag she needs during the day. Gym bag, backpack, larger purse for traveling. It's genius! And I just had to copy her.

She recommended TJ Maxx so that is where I went and found this!

The clutch!

I have to admit, a clutch that zips shut instead of flaps over would be easier. It can become tricky at the grocery store's check-out stand. But then again, with using the clutch, you can always just put it in a larger purse so you can swing it around your shoulder.

All the important stuff inside.

I also have to admit that I feel more sophisticated carrying around a cute clutch. Placing it on the table at a restaurant also makes me feel important. Like, "Oh, excuse my clutch. I'm such a busy and important business woman that my bag must accompany us at dinner as well." And then I order the business woman special.


So smart! Big thanks to Megs.

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