Friday, May 18, 2012

Brain Rules by John Medina

Naps at work? Yes. Someone telling me NOT to multitask? Yes, please. Wait... naps at work? Let's explore that one some more!

All of these ideas and more are explored in John Medina's Brain Rules: Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School.

And it's such a good book for science nerds who don't know a lot about science!

Author John Medina and a brain!

I had to read this for a class and I found it super interesting. The book discusses these awesome ideas about how your brain best functions, such as, "If workplaces had nap rooms, if multitasking was frowned upon, and meetings were held during walks." I know I would be the perfect employee if all these things were put into place!

Medina discusses the 12 brain rules to improve your performance and attitude. Here's the short list:

1. Exercise: Exercise boosts brain power.
2. Survival: The human brain evolved, too.
3. Wiring: Every brain is wired differently.
4. Attention: We don't pay attention to boring things.
5. Short-term memory: Repeat to remember.
6. Long-term memory: Remember to repeat.
7. Sleep: Sleep well, think well.
8. Stress: Stress brains don't learn the same way (this is my good excuse to go to yoga in the middle of the day).
9. Sensory integration: Stimulate more of the senses.
10. Vision: Vision trumps all other senses.
11. Gender: Male and female brains are different (Whaaaat? Nooooo).
12. Exploration: We are powerful and natural explorers (book that trip to Europe).

Click here if you're a visual learner like me and you need to see it in an illustrated form.

This book was published two years ago, but if you're in a brainy mood, I highly suggest this as your next read. It's just interesting.

I got it on Amazon for my Kindle. Click here if you want it for your Kindle, too!

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