Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

Like my friend Oscar the Grouch, I love trash! That's why I loved reading Fifty Shades of Grey and now I'm  knee-deep in Fifty Shades Freed.

But who will play Christian Grey in the movie that's slated for 2013?

My palm's a-twitchin'

Henry Cavill. That's my vote.

That Ian guy is way too pretty. And I just am not a fan of any actor doing the vampire stuff. Not classy. Not Christian Grey classy.

Plus, Christian Grey HAS to be played by a Brit. I know he's not a Brit in the book, but hear my out. Brits, European men, are way more protective of their ladies than American guys. And E.L. James basically wrote these characters as Brits, not Pacific Northwest peeps. Therefore, the actor who plays Grey MUST be British because only they can authentically pull off the protective, controlling characteristics that drive women crazy.

Case... rested. Cast it!

Oh, and I don't care who plays Ana. She's not my favorite character in the whole wide litworld and I will not be paying any attention to her in the movie.

Let's look one more time.

Fifty shades of glorious-ness!
Did anyone else just tie their hair in a braid!?

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