Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Scot on the Rocks

The new novel, Scot on the Rocks by Brenda Janowitz, will make any break-up seem tame in comparison. Acting like a lunatic in love completely encompasses the main character, Brooke Miller, a young New York City attorney. Planning to go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding in Los Angeles (who is marrying Hollywood’s newest “it” girl) with her handsome Scottish boyfriend all goes to pieces days before the nuptials. Self-centered and using his accent to attract other women, the Scot (Douglas) turns their relationship on the rocks by breaking up with Brooke over a disagreement about what he should wear to the wedding. Here’s a quick summary:

Scottish Hunk: I want to wear a kilt that has been passed down in my family for many generations to embrace and celebrate my culture.
Brooke: You must hate America.
Scottish Hunk: Get out of my glamorous 32nd story SoHo condo.

This big mess unravels T-minus three days until Brooke has to put on the air of perfection at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Who else will be her knight in shinning armor but the handsome, charismatic, best friend slash co-worker, Jack?

As The Church Lady would say, ‘That was convenient.”

This is author Brenda Janowitz’s first novel and it’s obvious. As funny and light-hearted as the novel is, Janowitz tries too hard at times to make her characters sound like they belong in this chick lit book. Janowitz applies language to Brooke, who is supposed to be from New York City, which makes her sound like she’s a valley girl from California. “’Brooke, let’s not get hysterical,’ Douglas said. Hysterical? I was, like, so not hysterical.”

Brooke, though, is a loving, clumsy and good-intentioned character, which will make any reader feel sympathy (or empathy) for her. She also confesses to being a size 10, which makes her a hero in many women’s minds.

One great lesson to take away from Scot on the Rocks is that, nowadays, it’s socially acceptable to go to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding. What’s not socially acceptable is making fun of Scottish kilts. That will only get a girl kicked out of a 32nd story SoHo condo.

7 out of 10 Scottish Kilts.

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