Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carbon Nation Documentary

As some of you who have been reading this blog may know, this is Julie's kind of chick lit. Not the kind of chick lit you traditionally think of.

Girl works at NY magazine.

Finds a cute guy she clicks with, but he's just a friend at this point.

Girl finds a lot of success, but in a not-so honest way.

Girl and guy kiss.

Life is perfect.

Rival arch enemy (who is just jealous) ousts the girl.

Girl loses job.

Loses guy.

Girl rethinks life. Apologizes, or makes it up in some way.

Girl gets better job.

Girl gets guy.

The end.

On this blog, I like sharing books, stories and ideas that give people a better understanding of women in our culture. I also totally over-indulge in food. I. Love. Food.

Don't worry about anorexia over here.

I'm off track. I like promoting stories, books or ideas that are smart, funny, relevant (sometimes). That is why I really want to watch the documentary from Peter Byck called Carbon Nation.

I saw him on Bill Maher last Friday and Byke says climate change can be stopped if we just go back to farming in traditional ways. Don't feed cows corn, but let them roam and eat grass. Funny. You mean let cows do what they're naturally evolved to do? Who'd a-thunk it?

I am facsinated with the climate change debate. Some humans think they are invincible and that's just so not true.

It really shouldn't be called Earth Day. The earth is a large planet, this big rock. It will still be around whether humans are here or not. So, really, it should be called Save The Human Species Day.

(That's not too long of a title, right?)

Also, it's really not global warming.

It's climate change.

Language controls everything.

OK. Serious moment over for meow.

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