Thursday, June 7, 2012

Classic Lit T-shirts

I really hope I end up teaching middle school English someday. When I do, I plan on having every single one of these literature t-shirts (click here to see all 44 of them from

I posted this particular one to commemorate the great Ray Bradbury.

I think I should read "Something Wicked This Way Comes" to also commemorate him.

Anyway, I would love to wear one of these shirts with a classic black pant suit and spiky high heals. Just like this:

I'll wear the serious face, too!
Then I'll give any student extra credit who can out "lit-fashion" me. Like if someone comes in dressed as Holden Caulfield. Or Daisy Buchanan. 

Bonus points for anyone who pulls off a Scarlett O'Hara curtain wardrobe!

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Stepping Out of the Page said...

Great post! I love those classic t-shirts. :) I love your idea too!
New to your blog and it is fantastic! Looking forward to more of your posts.
Stephanie @ Stepping Out of the Page