Monday, June 4, 2012

Garlic Baguette

I have been testing, trying and testing again to find a bread recipe that I can make. My ultimate goal is to make bread for us every weekend for the week, and not have to buy it anymore.

In the bread machine. Did not work.

In the oven. No.

With oil. No.

Lots of kneading. Nada.

But something was missing. And today, I finally found it! I tried this recipe (click here) that makes two garlic baguettes and it turned out superb! It was so yummy, I ate both the ends of the baguettes before I took these pictures.

There were two secrets. One. Garlic. Duh. Two. Put a pan of water (about half full) on the bottom of the oven on the lowest rack. I think that made all the difference. Oh, and be careful when you're opening the oven to pull these out. It gets steamy in there!

It was so yummy, even the Baby Panther took interest!

Can you see her stealing a sniff?

I am feeling such a sense of accomplishment... so French... that I have to post this classic song from Flight of the Concords. Every time I say, "Baguette," I start singing this song in my head.

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