Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Pinality... Watermelon Jalapeno Popsicles

If I could add sound, there'd be a lawn mower in the background. Ah, summer!

Oh Pinterest! You pop my head in the clouds with your fabulous photography, cute crafts and your wine corks galore! When my creativity meets my abilities, that is when PINALITY sets in. When Pinterest meets reality.

So summer is almost here in my neck of the woods. I tried to make it get here faster by making some homemade popsicles that I pinned on Pinterest.

Here's how it looked on Pinterest.
Watermelon jalapeno popsicles (click here for the original recipe... but I seriously suggest my version.)

Sweet meets spicy. That'll make me a culinary elite! As my friend Emeril would say... "Bam!"

When the darn little things wouldn't come out of my make-shift popsicle holders (see Tiki shot glasses below), I was discouraged.
Here is what I made.

So what do all awesome chick lit ladies do when life hands them messy homemade popsicles?

Throw them in the blender with some tequila and call it, "Watermelon Jalapeno Margaritas!"


Then take a picture of it and pin it on Pinterest. Ta-da!

I'm pairing it with Agnes Grey (great book!)

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