Monday, August 27, 2012

{Review} Domino: Book of Decorating

Domino Magazine was one of my most favorite mags as a real, live, physical edition before they closed shop in 2009. Now I love them on Facebook (they have the prettiest posts) and Twitter.

They released their Quick Fixes in April of this year, available for purchase digitally or real, live, physically. The special edition highlighted fan-tab-u-lous designs, but they were mostly re-runs of what we saw in the mag.

NOW! They are coming out with Domino Best Rooms in September and they promise there will be content we've never seen before!

So to get ready for next month's special edition, I am bringing to my readers some of my favorite pages from their super successful Domino: Book of Decorating. Their PR rep sent it to me in my mag days and it was the best swag, um, editorial material, I have ever received. You can get it on your Kindle but I really DO NOT recommend that. You have to have the real, live, physical book. I put mine on display in my living room because it REALLY is that beautiful, inside and out.

Modeling on my new, fancy ironing board!

Oh, a glorious study! J. Austen would be proud!

My fav is the pic in the lower right corner

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