Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Giveaway} Indie Authors' Books

Hey independent ladies! Independent Author Index is hosting four ways to win free e-books from some very cool women indie authors:

Dangerous Waters by Anne Allen. Main character Jeanne Le Page struggled through losing her parents and now has lost her grandmother. But Grandma left her a little cottage full of big surprises. But when I say "big surprises," I don't mean Channing Tatum popping out of your birthday cake in his magical little outfit. However, bad circumstances and haunting memories eventually lead Le Page to new outlooks on life and love. We all need new outlooks sometimes, don't we ladies?

The Pride, The Project:, Another Chance all by Faydra D. Fields. This is your chance to win all three of her novels, perhaps to give as presents to the crazy men in your life. Let me explain:

  • The Pride is about a man asking his three wives to pick up his slack. Men!
  • The Project is about a dad helping his son with a school science project, but then the son gets in trouble because of what he does with his project. Young men! 
  • Another Chance is about two brothers who have been feuding all their lives, until it comes to a peak when they're adults and one becomes a cop and the other is a criminal. Brothers!
  • Moral of the story: men are crazy! Don't these wonderful books remind you of any of the males in your life?

Independent Author Index Short Story Compilation Volume 1 by Faydra D. Fields. A variety of sample of short stories from many indie authors. Because sometimes you need a quickie... story, that is.

Awesome cover. Would make a great poster in my woman cave.
Shook by Maxine Brothers. Remember when all your guy friends raved about "Boondock Saints," those Irish brothers who killed bad guys in Boston? This is the lady version of that. She's super smart, she's 30 and she's out to revenge her mother's murder... without messing up her gorgeous hair. Let's see those Irish guys pull that off!

Now let's play some Destiny's Child to celebrate these independent ladies:

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