Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Crazy Idea} Buy a Farm and Raise Homeless Animals

I want to do something wild with my life.

Like buying a farm with lots of land and then rescuing homeless animals. Animals of all kinds. Pitbulls. Cats. Chickens. Turtles (there would be a pond on my farm). Teacup pigs. Maybe even a miniature pony.

When I bring these {crazy ideas} up to the Man-Beast, he nods along and then goes on to do beastly things like watch Skip Bayless and make noises with his body.

I'll put him in charge of the turtles.

So if my {crazy idea} comes true someday, and I get a farm, and we safely and effectively raise homeless animals, you can bet your booty that I will be driving around my farm in this beast:

This, with Robosaurus will bring me one step closer to my other {crazy idea} of having a legion of my own personal dinosaurs!

Where should I have my farm of animals? My animal farm (but no one will be sent to the glue manufacturer).

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