Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Crazy Ideas} How to Be a Stronger Woman

Main character Brecken Pereira from Em Barrett's novel, "Leaving Green Island," was a strong female character who takes the reins on her life in many different ways. A few things she did in the book prompted me to write this post.

Also, Man-Beast and I went to a work function a few months ago and I met some women whose actions really bothered me. I am writing this post for them too.

I do not mean to be harsh on my own kind. I just know that expectations should be higher, in many different ways, for women. These ideas will help. Here are my top 9 tips for women in today's modern culture.
Read up on smart chick lit with great female characters, like the Scarlet Letter's Hester Prynne
It's OK to make conversation with other women. We are not competition for each other. Even if there are man-beasts around and you're single, make conversation with the ladies in the group, like Brecken did in once particular scene in Leaving Green Island. Find a gal and keep asking her questions about herself until you find at least one thing interesting about her. Everyone's got at least one.

{Try to say, "I don't know," as few times as possible in your life}

Have your own opinion. Just because all the ladies at the table say that talking about ghosts is "weird" and "scary" doesn't mean you have to think that too. Tell them to throw away their night lights and grow up. Ghosts are cool. And so are aliens. Ghost aliens would be great, if Scientology hadn't ruined their reputation.

Like Katie, they are trying to distance themselves from Tom
Watch your language. I don't mean the occasional f- s- d- or c- bomb (am I missing any letters?) Happens to all of us... in moderation. What I mean is, try to say, "I don't know," as few times as possible in your life. Also cut back on the words, "seriously," "ever" and anything that's an acronym from AOL days (OMG, I'm looking at you!)

Be well-read on world, country and local topics. Stop talking about your wedding plans or kids. Nobody cares as much as you do. Sure, if someone asks you about it (see No. 1) it's OK to give some brief updates. But I don't need a step-by-step on your son's potty training. It's probably going the same way as millions of other kids' potty training experiences ...shitty. (I had to do it! That one was teed up perfectly!)

Hold your damn iPhone with confidence. Not flimsily. In fact, walk with confidence. Sit with confidence. Every movement you make, do it like you have control of your body. Also exercise because you have control of your body. Some authors drive me nuts when they write about female characters who are afraid of the gym. Exercise. You can do it. It's healthy.

{Every movement you make, do it like you have control of your body}

You do not need to be on your iPad and iPhone at the same time. Especially when there are five other people around you who you could be talking to (see No. 1). You are not that busy and important to necessitate two fancy devices at the same time. Doubling up on what you're paying attention to is also humanly impossible.
Ghost cat alien from here

Eye contact. Always do it. Do not be afraid. Lasers won't shoot out of my eyes if you look into them for longer than .78 seconds. Only ghost aliens do that, obviously.

Grasp my hand when we meet. I'm not going to kiss your prissy little knuckles, so don't give me the limp hand shake.

Great quote from here
Read novels that have strong female characters. Characters like Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre, Hester Prynne and even Hermione Granger (she was a smart and courageous lady!) are great role models. And then you can model how it is to be a smart woman.

What are your thoughts about any of these {crazy ideas}? Or do you just want to talk about ghost aliens now!? Should I add a No. 10 that says to have a sense of humor? Leave your comments.


Dana Friis said...

Hi there, this is the first I've read of you and I enjoyed it! I hope I'm most of the things you suggest I should be (! :-) even though I'm more likely to sit alone in my small world writing I sometimes get out, and from now on I'll remember to own my body and my power. By the way, I'm British, I love the gym and walking and swimming, they stretch me out after writing for hours. It is true that British women hate the gym? Really? Who says that? All best in all you do, Dana :-)

Julie Chicklitasaurus said...

Hi Dana! So glad you are enjoying the blog. And you're absolutely right, I shouldn't generalize that all British writers write about female characters who hate the gym. I've changed this post to say 'some.' The last few books I've read (from British writers) have portrayed that. How do you like swimming? It has to be some of the best full-body exercise a gal can get! It always leaves me sore the next day! Thanks again! xo

Kelly TheWellReadRedhead said...

I love all of these suggestions, and I know I need to work on a few of them as well! The exercise thing reminded me of 2 points: one, don't fall into the trap of letting the men do "men's work". You can move that desk or hang that picture frame yourself! And two, eat. No woman was ever happy (or healthy) ordering off the salad menu all her life. :-)

Julie Chicklitasaurus said...

Kelly! You always bring up great topics! Eating! Amen, sister. I love food so much. I kind of think these pretty food blogs (like the ones on Pinterest) are making food something to be enjoyed. Showing people that it's OK to like food and celebrate it. Thanks for the insight! xo