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One Morning, Oh! So Early by Jean Ingelow

{Poem of the Day}
Jean Ingelow, a British poet and writer, showed literary promise at a young age. "A Rhyming Chronicle of Incidents and Feelings," which she wrote at 13 years old, was praises by Alfred Tennyson. She also wrote a children's story, "Mopsa the Fairy," as well as "Off the Skelligs," which is supposed to be a great piece of literature that describes the Irish scenery beautifully.

Ingelow's poetry is famous for themes of religion and nature, both of which can be seen in the poem below. I choose this for our "Poem of the Day" because of its message about peace and love. Recent events in the news had me thinking we all need to combat ignorance with love, not violence. It would be the smartest thing to do, yet, for some people, it seems to be the hardest thing to do.

More info on "Peace and Love" by Benini can be found here

"One Morning, Oh! So Early"
By Jean Ingelow (1820 - 1897)

One morning, oh! so early, my beloved, my beloved,
All the birds were singing blithely, as if never they would cease;
'Twas a thrush sang in my garden, "Hear the story, hear the story!"
And the lark sang, "Give us glory!"
And the dove said, "Give us peace!"

Then I hearkened, oh! so early, my beloved, my beloved,
To that murmur from the woodland of the dove, my dear, the dove;
When the nightingale came after, "Give us fame to sweeten duty!"
When the wren sang, "Give us beauty!"
She made answer, "Give us love!"

Sweet is spring, and sweet the morning, my beloved, my beloved;
Now for us doth spring, doth morning, wait upon the year's increase,
And my prayer goes up, "Oh, give us, crowned in youth with marriage glory,
Give for all our life's dear story,
Give us love, and give us peace!"

For (a lot!) more information on Jean Ingelow, read her bio here on something the Gerald Massey website.

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