Friday, September 14, 2012

Reading Forts

I inspired myself so much with my last post, that I went on Pinterest and found more reading nooks! While browsing, I found this fancy fort.

Fancy fort, from here

So I had to find more. Which fort is your favorite? Which one would be the most realistic to create in your home?

Sheet and Christmas lights, from here
Backyard fort, from here
For fun! Because the 90s ruled. From here
I think an interior designer made this fort, from here
Outside fort with kittens, from here
Under the table, from here
{Crazy idea} I really want Man-Beast and I to build a fort with sheets and white Christmas lights for our next anniversary. We'll play Yahtzee, eat Jack in the Box tacos and we'll read to each other.

Another {Crazy idea} Maybe feature a reading nook of the day on this blog? Of course I would have to incorporate a few forts here and there.

I am off to have an exciting weekend with the ladies. Leaving the house for a night so the Man-Beast can have his "Man Night." That's what he called it in the email to his friends.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone! Curl up with a good book in whatever book nook that works for you! xo


Tammy said...

LOVE this! Especially your "crazy" idea with the Christmas lights. I may have to steal that one and send you a pic. I think my fave fort is the 5th one from the top (the one with the couch on its side). I don't think it would be feasible in my house, though. *sigh*

Julie Chicklitasaurus said...

Tammy! I love that one, too. Looks like it could even be an "office fort." I might try to make some of these, but I'll be sure to post my "after" pictures. They will look nothing like these! xo