Monday, May 21, 2012

39 Cheap or Free Date Ideas

So I have this jar...

Fig & cocoa spread. Really yummy. Great design on the jar.
And thought the design was so cute that I had to keep it for something. But what to do with it that would keep it on display in my kitchen?

I have to admit I copied this idea from something I saw on Pinterest.

I don't have pretty colored popsicle sticks, but I do have my fabulous jar and some paper. So I typed up all of these ideas below, folded them up, and put them in my fantabulous jar. Now when we are stuck at 6:30 pm on a Saturday night, itching to do something, but neither one of us has an idea, we pull out an idea and we have to go for it.

I tried to incorporate ideas that are unique to just us (Jack in the Box tacos, soccer). I also thought about cool things we have around the house that we never use (record player, old Yahtzee game). So keeping your unique interests in mind will help when trying to think of date ideas.

I also tried to add specifics to the ideas. Instead of "walk around a local university," I said, "walk around a local university and bring a frisbee" or something along those lines. Or, take an old idea (play poker against each other) and I said to do it in a specific spot, somewhere we hardly ever go in the house (the guest room). So it becomes, "play poker in the guest room."

Then I put the jar in a convenient and central location, so that it's always looking at us.

I put the jar right in front of the sink, between the two fruit baskets and by our fancy snail (can you see his head?)
Here are my ideas - feel free to borrow as many as you want.

Walk around local Arboretum (bring picnic blanket and Uno)
Go to a winery – his choice
Go to a winery – her choice
Go to a brewery – his choice
Go to a brewery – her choice
Give each other oiled back massages on the floor with the brown sheets
He gives her a foot massage
She gives him a foot massage
Go bowling with just the two of us, split a pitcher of beer
Go to a farmer’s market
Picnic in the backyard with a blanket
Take the picnic blanket outside in the back and star gaze
Cook dinner together while drinking a glass of wine
Go see a show at the Magic Lantern Theater
Kayak the Little River
Go see a movie at the dollar theater
Walk around local university, bring a frisbee
Go on a walk to local elementary school, push each other on the swings
Take a soccer ball to a field and play against each other
Go to a free art museum
Walk dogs and play with cats at local shelter
Take a bottle of wine and some cups and go on a hike
Picnic at park, take the frisbee and Uno
Man Beast, teach Julie how to punch and kick the punching bag in the garage
Play a game of bean bag toss against each other
Go for dessert at the restaurant on the river
Go for coffee, tea, or granitas at local cafe
Volunteer at local brewery 
Watch a Alfred Hitchcock movie at home and pop popcorn
Play poker in the guest room
Listen to the radio and play Yahtzee (the old game, not on a smart phone)
Go on a car ride and try to find a way to get to the houses below the river, just west of downtown
Build a fort together in the guest room
Go to a nearby lake for the day and bring the Frisbee, the kite, Uno and a picnic blanket
Make cheese fondue together
Jack in the Box tacos
Pick fruit at local farm
Turn on record player and listen to it in the guest room
Call friends in Portland or Omaha for a Skype happy hour

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