Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gifts for Mother's Day

The Man Beast and I are a little behind this Mother's Day. It doesn't help that we live a few states away from our madres, so we can't just go to Tuesday Morning, pick up something cute, and head over to their houses for Mother's Day.

We did send them cards and these homemade coupons! Yeah, and you thought homemade coupons went out with floral print pants in the mid-90s. Wrong! Every trend deserves a comeback.

We made our mom's coupons for one breakfast with just son or daughter. It was really cute when we made these. I told Man Beast he had to make his own for his mom, so he looked at mine and copied it. I love him. He is so cute. Look at the way he wrote "son."

A big, happy Mother's Day to all the madres out there! *muah*

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