Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Review} Deadly Pleasures by Mary Firmin

If Christian Grey never received therapy for his mommy issues, he would have ended up in this book.

"Deadly Pleasures" from author Mary Firmin is a murder mystery centered around one young woman who has the help of her girlfriends and some cute man-beasts. So it's kind of like Nancy Drew - but with drugs, prostitution, bloody scenes and AA meetings. Okay, a really naughty Ms. Drew.

When reading this thrilling novel, just try not to imagine it as a movie. Yes, that's a dare. It's easy to envision this story on a screen, so much so that I have done the dirty work for some Hollywood super director person, and set a cast for this Nancy Drew tale for today:

Megan Riley played by a Kristen Bell.
Well, she's already made that "Hit and Run" disaster movie with her man-beast Dax Sheppard, so if Deadly Pleasures bombs, it wouldn't be the worst thing on her CV, right? Honestly, Bell could perfectly play the small, blonde main character who attends AA meetings and is looking for real love.

Rachel Feinman played by Megan Fox. The fiesty friend of Megan Riley, who suspects her husband of cheating so plots that her and her friends all share a hired boytoy.

Alex Grant played by Kristin Chenoweth. This character is a little older than her other three friends. She's also from the south and she's just a cute little love bug who calls people "honey."

Kathleen Rosario played by Kristin Stewart. She's the redhead Debbie Downer who is going through a bad breakup. Hello!

Matthew Donovan played by Henry Cavill. Alright... alright! I am just in love with him and want him to appear in everything. But he can pull off the handsome detective who fancies the cute, little Megan Riley. Yes, he can. And yes, my Man-Beast knows that Henry is on my fantasy list. But we've figured out it's because Henry looks like my Man-Beast. So that makes it okay.

Since the book takes place in L.A. and some scenes are at the Bayside Yacht Club, at least one character in the movie has to be filmed in a scene wearing this:

Buy it, yes buy it, here
Watch the book trailer until the (hopefully) movie comes out:

Find your own pleasures here for only .99 cents. Remember it's naughty. So it's rated R... for rarr!

Learn more about the fiesty author, Mary Firmin, here.


ladystorm said...

I can agree with everyone but Kristen Stewart, I can't stand that lady and I don't think she is a good actress. I am a Harry Cavill fan so I can go with him as Matt. :) (Have you seen him in The Cold Light of Day?) :)

I did love this book though! :)

Sandy Nachlinger said...

GREAT cast for this delightful book. I hope we see Deadly Pleasures on the big screen one day.

Mary Firmin said...

Dear Julie, I cannot thank you enough for your review. I think your choices were right on. And i will tell you that your article has been tweeted and retweeted to at least 100,000 people. Quite a feat. Thanks again, Mary Firmin, author of Deadly Pleasures.

Extraordinay Dreams of an Ireland Traveler by Mamie said...

I have just gotten to the last chapter of the fascinating book and I believe all the choices are right on the money. The choice of that good looking hunk! Right on!! Thanks for this share done so well and descriptive.
Mary is a woman with integrity and writes with compassion that goes keep you on the edge to the end. Both my husband and I love her.
Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins
Author, Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler