Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Order at the Bar {Inspired by Megan Riley}

Megan Riley, the sweet (but also spicy!) main character in Mary Firmin's "Deadly Pleasures" is a recovering alcoholic and her battle with the booze is constant through the book.

{Read my fantasy cast list for the (hopeful) book-turned-movie here!}

How many gals are trying to watch their weight (or over did it the night before) but the pressure (temptation) is put on? Sunday football comes around, and everyone is gathered at your local Irish pub, but you just want to play to cool for the day.

Here are five good girl drinks with some bad boy names, so no one will know you'll taking it easy on the witch's brew.

(Don't worry, Shirley Temple and Roy Rodgers were not invited to this party.)

A Saint Clement's, get the recipe here

{Phil Collins}
7-Up and lemonade.

Equal parts: pineapple juice, cranberry juice and soda water.

{Patrick Sweeney}
Red Bull, cranberry juice, Coke and orange Gatorade.

{Saint Clement's}
Orange juice and lemon-flavored drink.

{Thin Man}
Non-alcoholic beer, seltzer and a twist of lime.

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