Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Travel} Washington, DC

The White House's website has a list of all the American presidents' by centuries and then (fairly) quick bios on each one. At the end of each bio is a link to learn more about their respective first lady. Got to give the ladies some love.
Holy sideburns!
Chinatown. It's the epicenter for restaurants, bars and anything else pertaining to young adults. Hotel Monaco has great specials and I hear from a city insider that their restaurant is fantastic. Oh! And they are a dog-friendly hotel. Everything is better with a dog around. Watch this video from travel journalist Chris Kohatsu for more helpful information.

Museums! How can you go to DC and not go to the free museums? Plus walking the 67,492 miles TO the museums and IN the museums will give you firm buns that would make Clinton proud.
Teacher donated his and his dog's bodies to Natural History Museum
They are together forever in the same pose
We stopped into The Elephant and Castle for a pint of witch's brew. It's a cute and clean British pub near the White House. But because it's close to the White House, it closes early, so just beware.

We also ate at Pi Pizzeria, which is a chain on the east coast, but it's good food, exposed brick, great selection of witch's brew and nice staff.

Clyde's is pricey and it's also a chain. But the decor made me feel like the friend of some wealthy East Coast yahter people (that is the technical term, no? Yahter people?)

D and R pic from here
Georgetown and Arlington are not too far off and they are worth seeing. I fell in LOVE with Arlington because it has that Southern charm. I think I lived in the south in another life. Everyone says. "Yes mam," "Yes sir," and I love it.

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