Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Crazy Ideas} New School Uniform

Still don't have Photoshop so I am continuing on with Paint! (And I think I'm getting quite good. Watch out, graphic designers everywhere.)

I'm kind of a crazy lady so I have kind of crazy ideas.

Let's get rid of "professional attire" in schools.

All students and staff are required to wear PE clothes all day, every day.

Build exercise into lessons throughout the day. And keep PE. And keep recess. And add a recess. Crazy idea overload!

Read the 2009 article from USA Today about a school in Fort Collins, CO that has its kids sit on core ball instead of using chairs.

That boy on the left is so sassy, "Oh. You got the purple one? That's stinks."
John Medina in Brain Rules (read the review here) said humans are evolved to walk 12 miles a day. But we don't. Now we sit at desks and in front of computers.

Wouldn't it be lovely to read a book while walking the school grounds? E-readers and iPads have to make it easier to do that.

Or write an essay while sitting on a core ball?

School gardens gets kids outside, and in gym clothes, they're ready to get dirty.

While we're at it, I say ix-nay professional attire at the workplace and replace it with workout gear. We're not meant to sit in front of a computer all day. Let's vamp up productivity and brain activity by embracing exercise.

So let's change the way we think about how we work. You know I'll be dressing like this:

In order to avoid a moment like this:

What do you think? Can our culture change to be more exercise-centered? If it could change, who would start it?

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