Thursday, August 23, 2012

Honeymoon Scrapbook

Two and a half years later and I have finished our honeymoon scrapbook!
Cover. The "pearls" are supposed to look like stars.
 My handwriting actually turned out Ok!
 This page started really dull. Then I added the banners and played with the blue and orange/yellow colors and now it's my favorite page.
 Banners! Also, the pic of Charley's is actually on top of another picture of Rainbow Eucalyptus. I liked how it ended up looking.
 Ok. There is a story behind the brown butt picture. Road to Hana. Stopped at a place where you can hike to a waterfall. It's a hike. I wore white shorts. There were parts I had to scoot down the hill on my butt. Therefore I ended up with a brown butt for the rest of the day. Man-Beast keeps saying I pooped my pants on our honeymoon, but now you know the truth.
 Man-Beast wore his Arizona State shirt so I played off those colors while choosing pictures for this page. (Go maroon and gold!)
 That's the CD you buy and play while you drive the Hana Coast.
More banners. And that's a DVD we got... somewhere?

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