Saturday, September 8, 2012

Norah by Zoe Akins

{Poem of the Day}
This poet and I share the same birthday! And apparently we both want to run wild in the sea. Akins wrote both poetry and plays. The American writer is mostly known for her plays, "Papa" and "Foot-Loose." Not the Kevin Bacon kind of Foot Loose. I know. Bummer. No matter, I particularly like this poem below because I read it as a wild woman who loves a straight-path man. He may take his laid-down path whenever he wants, but her path is out into a vast unknown! (Today that is referred to as your 20s.)

More info on this beautiful painting here

by Zoe Akins (1886 - 1958)

I knew his house by the poplar-trees,
Green and silvery in the breeze;

"A heaven-high hedge," were the words he said,
"And holly-hocks, pink and white and red. . . ."

It seemed so far from McChesney's Hall -
Where first he told me about it all.

A long path runs inside from the gate, -
He still can take it, early or late;

But where in the world is the path for me
Except the river that runs to the sea!

Learn more about Zoe Akins here.

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