Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preserve Stories

I respect the way America recounts 9-11 stories each year on this day. Seems like each year I hear stories on the History Channel I haven't heard before. I think preserving the stories of those who died and those who survived is important. To someone, somewhere, it's therapeutic.

These pictures are from Thanksgiving 2001 when I was in New York (I danced in the Macy's parade). I felt conflicted about going to Ground Zero. I didn't want to seem to be a "tourist," going there to take pictures. There were a lot of people at Ground Zero.

I wanted to go see Ground Zero for a couple of reasons. One, to see how real it was. Being 18 at the time and never experienced any major, tragic events like this before, September 11th was shocking and unbelievable. I also wanted to go to maybe feel some presence of anyone. I don't really use the term "ghosts," I say, "energy." I think I wanted to feel the energy of the area. Share in the feelings of those who passed, just in case I could absorb some of that horrible feeling for them. That may sound crazy. But maybe I was also trying to create my own 9-11 story so that I could tell it year after year and keep the presence of those who died alive in my own way. Everyone should find their own, individual way of doing so.

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