Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Review} "The Tutors"

I know what you're thinking - "'The Tutors' was on Showtime some four years ago."

Different stories resonate in different people at different parts of their life.

And right now, Henry Cavill and Jonathon Rhys Meyers are resonating in me! Goodness sakes, just look at them.

Since I was such a strong proponent for Henry to play Christian Grey, I thought I should actually see him act in something (but, let's face, the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie will have nothing to do with acting.)

So since the Man-Beast was away for a week and we have Showtime for free on On-Demand right now, I did some catching up. And I fell in LOVE with the series.

(You're also probably thinking that "The Tutors" was a TV show and this website clearly is called Julie's Chick Lit. But this site is about stories and ideas above all else. So I'm pardoned.)

The series starts in the beginning of Henry VIII's reign over England. His daughter Mary (later to be known as "Bloody Mary" when she becomes queen - I can never think of that drink in the same way again) is young and he's still married to his first wife.

He had six wives:

1. Catherine of Aragon
2. Anne Boleyn
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne of Cleves
5. Kathryn Howard
6. Katherine Parr

Some he executed. Some died of medical reasons. He divorced two. Ah! What a mess! And somewhere in the middle of all of these wives, he dropped the Catholic Church and made everyone convert to the Church of England.

But I just love the way Jonathan Rhys Meyers played the king. He was awful, unmerciful and seductive all at the same time.

The last episode made me cry. Mostly because Henry has realized that the only thing you can't get back in life is time. And his time is slipping away.

Makes me want to grasp onto every moment in life and cherish it.

It really was a beautiful series. Start watching it for the costumes and beautiful actors. Then fall in love with it because of the acting. Natalie Dormer was a great Anne Boleyn - a great female character in world history.

Here's some photographic goodness from Tutorhistory.org, a great website on the history of this family.

Young Henry VIII

Anne Boleyn, probably his most famous wife

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