Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Week of Vegetarian Food

The Man-Beast is gone for a week  :(   so I am busying myself with... food and books! The best combination in the world (besides Man-Beast being next to me at the same time).

So I am going vegetarian for the week. This shouldn't be too hard for me because I already limit myself to only eating poultry and fish. Most of the meals I eat at home or order at restaurants are vegetarian anyway. So this shouldn't be hard.

Black bean & quinoa burgers with spicy mayo sauce to start it off.

What I really want to get out of this is to learn new things about preparing, cooking and eating fruits and vegetables.

So here's my menu for the week! Click on each recipe for the link. No breakfast because I'm just doing my usual cereal.

Lunch: Black bean burgers
Dinner: Fish tacos (Alright. I'm already cheating. But I defrosted this tilapia before my vegetarian week idea)

Lunch: California sandwich
Dinner: Falafels

Lunch: Broccoli & white cheddar mac 'n cheese
Dinner: Tofu and veggie chow mein

Lunch: Leftover black bean burgers
Dinner: Bean taco salad

Lunch: Glory bowl (weird name, I know, but a friend recommended it to me. I'm also going to use quinoa instead of rice.)
Dinner: Bean chimichangas

Lunch: California sandwich again (because it really is just so good)
Dinner: Cheat day! Orange chicken and rice.

My city JUST got a Trader Joe's (medieval, I know) so I had to cheat and get their frozen Orange Chicken. Reminds me of my single days, living on my own in the city.

So there it is. I hope to get some new ideas from my week of going vegetarian. If anyone has any great vegetarian recipes, please send them to me or link to them in comments. Love sharing food ideas.

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