Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recent Book News

To celebrate what would be Roald Dahl's 96th birthday, Amazon has released the e-book versions of seven of his titles.
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New feminist icons Pussy Riot, the Russian girl band that was arrested for "felony hooliganism," will publish an ebook that will be available in e-book stores on September 21.

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Wait. "Felony hooliganism" is a thing!? wtf, Russia. I should charge you with Douchebaggery of the Highest by order of the Decree of Centurianism.

A kick in the back from Cupid by those who are stuck between being beastly and being civilized
Huffington Post features a wonderful photographic evidence of six of our favorite authors' homes. {Helpful hint: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the pics. Took me about 45 seconds to find them. #oldladysyndrome}

Nico Lang wrote a BRILLIANT blog post on HuffPost about the state of young women in America today, in light of the Kristin Stewart/Robert Pattinson debacle. BRILLIANT. Everyone must read. Here's a tidbit from the post to entice you even more, "Chris Brown can publicly beat the hell out of his girlfriend but still be played on the radio and win Grammys. However, if you ever cheat on your boyfriend, your life is over and no one will ever want to be associated with you," (Lang, 2012). Did I say the post is brilliant?

IMDB features the new trailer for the Wurthering Heights movie slated for limited theatrical release on October 5. Maybe I should do a movie version of the Bronte trifecta?

Amanda Knox's former boyfriend says he and Knox are innocent in his book, which will be available on September 18.

A brilliant NY designer is turning old phone booths into lending libraries. Genius!
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