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{Review} In Need of Therapy by Tracie Banister

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"In Need of Therapy" belongs with you the next time you go to the beach. And you'll want to book a trip to Miami after the first few pages of reading this book.

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Author Tracie Banister does a great job of describing the Miami scenery. You will want to put on your flip flops and pop open a Dos Equis while reading. The characters are well-developed and flavorful. And, since the book centers around a therapist, there's lots of great advice (for only $1.99 on Amazon!)

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A quick gist of it: main character Pilar Alvarez is just shy of 30, a therapist with her own start-up business and trying to balance everything in her life. Her family is vivacious. Her client list is very diverse (and entertaining. Is that wrong to say!?) And there's a few men in her life who are vying for her love. This story is about how she finds a balance of it all, without going crazy herself.

Here's a quick look at my favorite characters, advice and recipes from "In Need of Therapy."

Pilar's crazy younger sister, Izzy. As Banister writes, "She'd come into the world with a, 'Here I am, deal with it!' attitude." Izzy likes to ruffle her family's feathers (and they tend to be more traditional) by getting a tattoo, getting a piercing, getting arrested (but wrongfully!) and just being overall spicy. I loved her.

{"If you want to find a woman of quality, then you're going to have to put some effort into it."}

There's so many great lines, here at just my top five. "Seeing a man's love for his child was a beautiful thing." | "Our parents and their relationships with both us and themselves are the cause of so many of our adult problems." | "Men who bragged about the size of their bank accounts were usually overcompensating for a lack of size elsewhere." | "If you want to find a woman of quality, then you're going to have to put some effort into it." | "Men who abused wait staff were petty and tyrannical in nature."

To learn more about the insightful Tracie Banister, go here.

For $1.99, buy the ebook version of "In Need of Therapy," here.

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